Linslade anti-bypass protest need people; plus injunction details

Linslade anti-bypass protest site near london (leighton buzzard/milton keynes) urgently need people. They have started cutting trees and a site has been establised.

Look at for more information.

Before you come please call victoria harvey 01525 385097 or 07815 817108 AND someone from the site 07868740689, 07854631024, 07799816888.

We really need you, the site is getting quite sorted but more protestors will be a very welcome relief.

I don’t have time to go into great detail about the protest but you can get this off road alert. We are abot 30 miles south of london, near leighton buzzard and milton keynes.

There is an injunction against anyone who goes to the site to protest against the road (persons unknown!) This goes to the high court tomorrow (tuesday 8th february), it used to cover the public roadway but we won the right to stand there. There are people squatting in the zone with the injunction on it.

I’m very sorry about the lack of detail, time is very limited, please look on the protest website, roadalert and telephone us.

We need you. You can help!!!



Bucks County Council applied for the catch-all secret Injunction banning ‘Persons Unknown’ from any form of protest at the site of the road, at a secret hearing on Friday 28th January, without protesters being able to challenge it. It banned any form of protest. There was a Hearing today, Tuesday 1st February, at the High Court in London, and a compromise was reached.

The terms of the Injunction have been changed. I haven’t seen the injunction, but I understand it now allows observing and protesting on the footpaths and B4032 road – so the local protests against the road can continue on the B4032. Locals are also very concerned that they are not allowed close enough to get evidence of alleged breaches of the Habitats Directives, as they are felling trees with bat roosts in, without Ecologists on site, or licences from DEFRA.

The way they got the original Injunction was appalling, and shows their attitude to free speech. It was served at the camp at 7pm, so no one could seek legal advice over the weekend (no-one knew the implications of it, so that is why there has been a silence over the last couple of days!). They applied for a secret hearing and a fast track process and were granted that. Anyone wishing to contest the Injunction was given until 4pm on Monday 31st January to seek Legal Advice and file a Defence (7 working hours!).

Direct action is still possible! Today campaigners hung a banner saying “Challenge Car Culture” opposite the Aylesbury HQ of Buckinghamshire County Council. This occurred at the same time as Garrett Emmerson, Head of Transportation, was having meetings with Bedfordshire County Council about the Bypass! See

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