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AGM ActionsBlockadingCCTV DestructionCoax Cable CuttingDigger DivingGenetic Crop DecontaminationOffice OccupationsPublic Order GuideSabotageSquattingStreet PartiesSubvertisingSupermarket ActionsTripodsTunnellingFences

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Campaign StrategyCorporate ResearchGroup WorkMedia/PropagandaPlanning System


Legal briefings & much more
No Comment: a defendant’s guide to arrest or as PDF file ( you’ll need Acrobat)
Sueing the police
Getting a good solicitor
Legal Guide (including deportation risks)
Basic Law for Road Protestors (112 page book by lawyer on ‘everything’ – still essential reading)
Section 6 Notice (for squatting)

Direct Action (General)

Road Raging, Top Tips for Wrecking Roadbuilding (full campaign & direct action guide – the original and still the best)
The Encyclopedia of Direct Action
Direct Action Handbook:
version 1, produced for 2005 Scotland G8 protests
version 2, for 2006 Camp for Climate Action
version 3 updated for later camps

Direct Action (Specific Tactics)



Delia Smith’s Basic Blockading (a PDF file – you’ll need Acrobat)

CCTV Destruction

Co-axial Cable Cutting

(for CCTV, antennae, radar or satellite receivers)

Digger Diving

Front and back • Inside

Genetic Crop Decontamination

Gardener’s Guide to survival in the modern world: HTML • PDF

Current UK GE crop release sites:
from DEFRA government department

Office Occupations

here and here too


or downloadable as a PDF file


Ozymandias’ Collective Sabotage & Direct Action Handbook (‘the British Ecodefence’)
(Volumes 1 & 2 with pictures)

Ecodefense: a Field Guide to Monkeywrenching
the missing – section 10.4 (currently disappeared from the web – about arson)


Street Parties

how to organise one


Art & Science of Billboard Improvement: a comprehensive guide to the alteration of outdoor advertising

Smashing The Image Factory: A Complete Manual of Billboard Subversion & Destruction

Bill Board Liberation Front (US)
Subvertise (UK)

Supermarket Actions




here and here too


(a PDF file – you’ll need Acrobat)

Related Campaigning Tactics

Campaign Strategy

An Introduction to Campaign Strategy

Corporate Research

DIY Research info

Group Work

Seeds for Change groupwork resources


An Activist’s Guide to Exploiting the Media

How to Set up a Local Newsletter

Making Publications More Accessible

10 Steps to a Hard-hitting Action Media Team

Planning System

Beating the Developers – An Activist’s Guide to the Planning System