Bilston Glen Protest Site update, spring 2004

Here’s a short update from our camp:

Here at Bilston Glen Anti-Bypass Protest Site we get more sorted for every day that passes by. More defences are coming up constantly and the standard of the camp is steadily improving. We have a new kitchen, a new info-space, a well sorted and cosy communal, a new guest house and a new shower. We’re currently building a huge communal tree-house and some other tree-houses are also underway. For three months we’ve been organizing “Sunday Free Cafes” (open days) the first sunday every month, which we intend to continue with. Spring is here, the birds are singing and the leaves are coming out, we’re looking forward to the summer. The 1-4 of July we’re inviting like-minded for a green anarchist gathering to discuss how to fight the megamachine and learn primitive skills.

The planning permission for the road is still there. PPL, the company who where gonna finance the road have gone bust (way-hey!) though, so as it looks now it’s up to the local council to pay for the road. But PPL has been bought up by Bayer, the enormous bio-tech monster, so they might very well finance the road. Central government money might also come in as Tony & co want to see the biggest bio-tech cluster in Europe here outside of Edinburgh, and a road for the transports to and from it.

So we still want and need more people to fight against this part of the horrible destruction of our world. You and everyone else who support us is very welcome to join us!

Save Bilston Glen! No More Roads! For a life wild and free!

by Bamse, part of the Bilston Glen collective


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