Meuse, France: Nuclear Waste Landfill Project Sabotaged

July 14th, 2015

anonymous report / Contra Info

Not far from Bure, an analysis site of ANDRA was attacked by a few determined night owls.

At Bure, in Meuse, power is trying by all its means to have accepted a nuclear waste landfill project 500 meters underground.

Despite that the project has not yet officially started, that of the nuclear waste not arriving before 2025, the ANDRA installations (the National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management, in charge of the landfill project) are already swarming in the area.

One night around the 25th June, a construction site containing multiple electrical installations and a well, to analyse the condition of the rock and water table, was devastated.

The well was then forcibly blocked up with concrete, and all the cabinets were fractured and destroyed by the rage of those who don’t want to wait for the exhaustion of legal resorts to attack this project.

Attack the infrastructure of power wherever they are, in Meuse like elsewhere.

Against Cigéo and its world, resistance and sabotage!