Hambach Forest Defenders are presently blocking RWE’s open cast lignite mine

Hambach Forest Defenders are presently blocking RWE's open cast lignite mine from expanding with living barricades and towers which in turn are protecting access to the three forest tree sits with platforms, treehouses and interconecting walkways.  
The Hambach Mine ironically named after the forest it is destroying is Europe`s largest net CO2 polluter and it is record breaking antropogenic climate change, one of the largest planetary extinctions and increasing waves of climate refugees that are reminders and ultimate global shout-outs that eco-justice is social justice.

After the attack, eviction and arrest of 3 activists during the destruction last week of "Pirate Ship" living platform barricade not 3 days have elapsed and we have errected a new tower barricade.  Almost 3 times higher than the last one we have named it Remi`s Tower to honor Remi Frese, a climate activist who was killed by a police concusion grenade during the strugle of Zad de la Teste in Southern France.  That death is reflective of increasingly higher stakes of global ecological struggle and at least 2 enviromental activist dying each week.  For these that refuse to be silent and passive in the face of this onslought our hearts and minds are with you.

Hambach Forest Defenders.