Phantom solar panels haunt streets of Westminster

The phantom image of a solar farm has appeared overnight on the pavement outside the main Department of Energy and Climate Change offices on Whitehall.

This morning we used clean graffiti to turn paving-stones into solar panels, kicking off our Keep Fits campaign to help ordinary people challenge planned cuts to renewable energy.

The whole government consultation process is pretty off-putting to anyone other than a professional lobbyist, so we’ve developed a dedicated website to make sure everyone who loves renewable energy can have their say on the proposed cuts.

Pressure has been mounting ever since the government released their proposal (sneakily, while we were all away on summer holidays). Last week a coalition of energy firms, investors, trade bodies and NGOs published a statement calling on the government to urgently reconsider the proposed changes. And the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is one of several MPs to have publicly voiced concerns over the jobs these cuts threaten, as well as the environmental impacts.

“The government’s own figures show there will be nearly a million fewer solar rooftops over the next 5 years if they go through with these cuts. The government wants to pull the plug on Britain’s solar revolution just as it is getting going.

Amy Cameron

Renewable energy is consistently popular amongst the UK public. According to the latest DECC polling, only 1% of the UK public strongly oppose renewables. In contrast a whopping 71% agree that renewable energy industries and developments provide economic benefits to the UK.

Using high-power washers and a stencil, clean graffiti removes dirt from dirty pavements rather than adding paint. How quickly these ghostly images fade depends on local environmental conditions, but we’re hoping they will last right up until the consultation closes on the 23rd October.

If you’re walking past today, why not share a photo of yourself standing on the panels. #StandWithSolar.

Update The panels survived until lunchtime, when they were washed off!