Main coal conveyor belt blocked at Hambach

1st Sept 2015

Early this morning two people occupied the main conveyor belt, close to the coal bunk at Hambach. This conveyor belt transports coal from all over the mine to the coal bunker, and from there, to the coal trains.

This action is against this system in which big companies are allowed to destroy our earth.
Also in solidarity with our comrade Jus, who is in prison for 6 weeks now. We encourage everyone to show support for Jus in anyway that they see fit. Freedom for Jus!

The people in the blockade decided to focus on their action and not so much on media, if media has questions they can call the meadow phone: 0157 – 54 136 100

For one hour the workers sprinkled them with cold water. After 6,5 hours the people were removed by police and have been released at 1 pm.

3/9/15: Update on Jus