sign up for The Big Burn anti-incineration carnival, near Stroud


24 hours after significant construction activity begins at Javelin Park we will be converging for The Big Burn! Come along and shield Haresfield at a community-led carnival of anti-incineration revelry. All are warmly invited to join Gloucestershire in a show of front-line protection against those that threaten us and our environment. Sign up here to ensure you receive an invitation to this most poignant of parties!

All those signed-up will, when the time beckons, receive a text message with a start time. You’ll be wanting to pack a party-bag in advance so you’ll be ready when the time comes. Imagine being the only one at the party without a costume. Only joking, you won’t be allowed in if you’re not in fancy dress. No that’s not true either. This is a community-led event and is open to all. Children most-definitely included!

Javelin Park is easily accessible from Stroud and Gloucester by car.

There will most likely be free transport running to the Big Burn. Please contact to request or offer a lift!

Take Note!:

The Big Burn! will be a show of community protection against the threat of harm to our health and environment posed by the Haresfield Incinerator. This industry is supported by the state and therefore there will almost certainly be a police-presence. Know your rights, read this pamphlet (opens in new tab) and don’t be intimidated. The Big Burn! will be a inclusive, friendly space and we won’t be bullied.

See you at the party, it’ll be cookin’…!

Directions, more details including what to bring and not to bring and TO SIGN UP, here