Peterborough Squatters Autonomy Updates

Peterborough Squatters Autonomy (PSA) is a Peterborough Collective of Squatter & Activists working to combat the state and highlight homeless in the city.

Here are some recent updates:

June 6:

Peterborough squatters autonomy are still occupying within the city at an unknown location, the crew are just having a rest for a few days after a stressful day yesterday following the unlawful eviction. PSA will continue the fight against this unjust system and provide shelter and safety for homeless and vulnerable of the city that the council and social services don’t care about.

Keep a look out for a banner drop coming soon in the city, Peterborough squatters autonomy is here to stay until real change is made by this system. We aint going nowhere as promised we are here to stay.

June 5:

Hired thugs yesterday violently evicted peaceful occupiers who are mostly homeless and have nowhere else to go and no court signed warrant was presented. The thugs broke in and assaulted the peaceful occupiers minutes after the county court granted a IPO to the owners of the building even though the lawful owners are not based in this country and hide behind a trial of deceit and tax dodge weirdness.

June 4:

We are going to be in Peterborough court tomorrow fighting to keep this building our home and former job centre that has been vacant since it was sold over ten years ago. We have been sheltering the homeless and vulnerable and we have prevented a terrible tragedy when we helped a man through his seizures this week.

We are making headway here for these guys and we really need your support.

Peace and love